Biogreen Biotech is a leading global supplier of high-quality PBS (Polybutylene Succinate) granules sourced from renowned manufacturers. Our extensive selection of PBS granules caters to diverse industry needs, making us a preferred provider in the market. Join us in revolutionizing the plastics industry and embracing a greener future.

Choose Biogreen Biotech for Your PBS Granule Needs
Biogreen Biotech is your trusted supplier of premium PBS granules. Experience our reliable global reach, commitment to sustainability, and technical expertise. Join us in embracing a greener future with PBS. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


Why Choose Biogreen Biotech as Your Preferred PBS Granule Supplier

1. Extensive Product Portfolio: Biogreen Biotech offers a comprehensive range of PBS granules from top manufacturers known for their expertise and adherence to quality standards. Our diverse product portfolio includes various grades of PBS granules, providing tailored solutions for multiple applications.

2. Global Reach, Efficient Delivery: With a robust network of suppliers and logistics partners, Biogreen Biotech ensures prompt and reliable worldwide delivery of PBS granules. Benefit from our seamless global reach and efficient supply chain management.

3. Environmental Stewardship, Sustainable Solutions: By choosing PBS granules from Biogreen Biotech, you actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions and advancing the circular economy. PBS is derived from renewable resources and is a biodegradable polymer, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics.

4.Technical Expertise, Customized Support: Our team of industry experts possesses in-depth knowledge of PBS granules and their applications. We provide personalized support, helping you select the most suitable PBS granule for your specific requirements.

5. Competitive Pricing: Biogreen Biotech offers competitive pricing for PBS granules, making sustainable options economically viable for businesses of all sizes.
The PBS Manufacturing Process: Sustainable Innovation in Action

PBS is synthesized through a meticulous manufacturing process:

1. Polymerization: PBS is produced by polymerizing succinic acid and 1,4-butanediol, resulting in the formation of polybutylene succinate.

2. Pelletization: The PBS is processed into granules or pellets for ease of handling and transportation.

Benefits of PBS: Promoting Sustainability, Unleashing Versatility

1. Biodegradability: PBS is a biodegradable polymer, breaking down naturally under specific conditions. Its decomposition into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass supports a sustainable future.

2. Reduced Carbon Footprint: PBS is derived from renewable resources, reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Its production generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to environmental preservation.

3. Versatility: PBS finds applications in packaging, disposable cutlery, agricultural films, textiles, and more. Its versatile properties make it suitable for various industries, enabling sustainable practices without compromising performance.

Why Choose BioGreen?

Eco -Friendly Materials

Our products are made from corn starch, vegetable waste, sugarcane bagasse, aiding a healthier planet.

100% Compostable

Biogeen's products naturally decompose without harmful residues, enriching soil through home or industrial composting.

Sustainability at the Core

Our products promotes sustainability & a greener, eco-conscious lifestyle, reducing environmental impact.

Certification Standards

Our Products are certified standards, guaranteeing their compliance with precise compostability requirements.

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